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If You Blog, They Will Come

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh

I've tried this whole blogging thing once or twice before but it didn't take.  It was kind of like a bad perm. you sit in anticipation waiting to see how it turned out, but get disappointed when no one pays you a complement. 
I really thought, I have something to say, if I write it the people will come.People will find my blog and read it.Well, they didn't.No one came.No one read anything or commented.

It wasn't until this here bloggidy blog, that I finally got it, with some help of course.Help from some super supportive ladies and blogging networks like the SITSgirls.

It was during the 31 day blogging challenge that I learned the biggest and bestest lesson about blogging.
Writing a good blog, also means reading good blogs and making connections.
So if you're just starting out and wondering why you're not getting the kind of traffic you want, try visiting some blogs and commenting, with substance.Bloggers enjoy the engagement and like to see that there posts resonated with someone.You'll get points if you're funny, or profound in some way too, so think before you comment.
When I visit blogs I try not to comment unless I can show a real connection to the post.I try to connect with the blogger as well as their readers too.That's what it's all about, right? As bloggers, we hope to entertain, move, inspire, or educate through our posts.
Most of all, we want to make lasting connections so people return to read what we have to say and get a conversation going.
Bloggers, what lessons have you learned?

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