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If They Re-Vamped Buffy...

By Lauryn April @LaurynApril
I'm currently working on a story involving vampires (more info coming soon!), and of course I've been doing some vampy research, wanting to know what's been done, or what's been popular, so I can work my own original twist into the genre. I really want to get away from the Twilight-style story that has overpopulated the YA genre. I will not be writing a sappy insta-love, good-vampires, fluff piece. I want to write a story that looks at the harsh realities of what being a vampire means and relate that to real life issues. So, in my quest to read and watch everything vampire related I've been re-watching some of my favorite episodes of Buffy.
After getting sucked back into the magic of this series I found myself wishing it had never ended, and wondering what the show would be like if they re-booted it. (Rumors of which have been circulating for some time.)
How could they do it? Now the storyteller in me comes out, and since this is the Buffyverse we're talking about, anything is possible. The easiest way to go about it would just be a simple reboot. But, I think it would be more fun to connect it to the original series (kind of like what they did with the Star Trek movies). And how would they do that with Buffy, you ask? It's simple (once again, anything is possible in the Buffyverse) have someone make a wish, boom instant parallel universe where new writers can send Buffy down whatever path they want and have no requirements to staying true to the shows original cannon. All it would take would be any one of the original cast members to appear in the first episode for all of thirty seconds, insert vengeance demon, and a wish that "such and such" had never happened. Then they can start the reboot where ever they wanted and make what ever changes they wanted, after all it would be a new wish dimension.
For this to work though, we would still need a cast of talented actors who would truly look the parts. These would be my picks.
If they Re-Vamped Buffy...Buffy - Ashley Benson - Have you seen her on Pretty Little Liars? She totally has the acting ability to be the quick witted Buffy we all know.
If they Re-Vamped Buffy...Xander - Josh Peck - There are a few actors out there who I think could pull off Xander in the looks department, but I think Josh Peck would be best to capture Xander's humor, and the resemblance isn't far off.
If they Re-Vamped Buffy...Willow - Morgan Smith Goodwin - Yes, the girl from the Wendy's commercials. Every time I watch those I can just picture her saying a Willow line. "A doodle, I do doodle, you too, you do doodle too."
If they Re-Vamped Buffy...Angel - Paul Wesley -  Let's be serious he's pretty much playing this character already on The Vampire Diaries. Check out The Vampire Diaries just like Buffy.
If they Re-Vamped Buffy...Faith - Ellen Page - How much does she look like Eliza Dusku in this photo, it's crazy, and I think she could really pull off Faith.
If they Re-Vamped Buffy...Spike - Kyle Schmid - I don't know if anyone could ever play Spike the way James Marsters did, and I don't think anyone could pull off bleached hair quite the same. But, after watching Kyle Schmid on Being Human, and with those blue eyes and cheekbones, I think he'd be a great Spike.

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