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If March Was A Person...

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
Happy Friday, lovelies! I'm linking up with the fabulous Lauren for High Five for Friday to share 5 of my favorite things from this week with y'all!
If March Was A Person...
one. I can't believe how BIG Buck is now! And I can't believe how much I love that dog already. Y'all, the amount of pictures that I take of him is embarrassing. And it takes everything in me not to post all of them on Instagram. I spent my day off this week watching him while Adam was at work. We played fetch (he can sit...precious), I gave him a bath and we went on a walk. His favorite part was riding in the car though, as you can tell from the picture :)

two. One of my good friends, Kellie, is getting married in November. Saturday, at her engagement party, she asked me to be a bridesmaid. I about lost it. Kellie and I go way back. She asked me to help her plan the wedding when she got engaged and of course I jumped at the opportunity. For the past few months she has led me to believe that I was simply helping her plan. So when she asked me to be IN the wedding I was so excited. And wanna know the best part? Their wedding already has a hashtag for when pictures are posted on Instagram: #wearethebritchsbitches (her new last name is going to be Britch). YES.

three. I finally figured out how to curl my hair to where it lasts all day! This picture was actually taken after I ran through the pouring rain...while wearing a shower cap so that my curls didn't get destroyed. You know it's a brilliant idea ;) A few of you on Instagram asked me to do a tutorial for these waves/curls. I'm still trying to work up the nerves to do that!

four. Much needed wine & dine night with my bestie :)

five. (not pictured) Adam's sisters introduced me to a website that is better than Pinterest. Yeah I said it. But if you don't want to complete deflate your bank account, it would probably be best to steer clear of this one, y''ve been warned. It stands for "Want Need Love" and it's basically an online catalog of all things beautiful. Just go check it out for yourself. You'll love me (but your bank account will hate me).
Here's what's been going on here this week in case you missed anything:
Monday was Blog Vomit: Volume II.
Tuesday I started my apartment tour series and showed y'all my living room.
Wednesday I talked about the difference between standards & expectations.
Thursday I gave you the run down of what is currently going on in my life.
And last thing:

My blog bestie is a genius and does these little monthly description posts. I'm trying to convince her to make it into a monthly link up. She's in need of a cute name...that's where y'all come in. Leave any suggestions you might have! Here is my attempt to show her that it would be fun to read everyone else's:
If March was a person she would make a playlist of all Luke Bryan's Spring Break CDs and play them constantly. She would definitely ride everywhere with the windows down rocking her aviator sunglasses. She would retire long sleeve anything (if she lived in Florida, that is) and live in flowy sundresses. She would accessorize with gold everything. And obviously wear green as much as possible. She would spend her days having picnics at the park. She would Instagram pictures of big, puffy clouds (#nofilter, of course). And she would embrace messy, wind-blown hair. March would be a free spirit.
Happy weekend!
If March Was A

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