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If It’s in Your Nature, You Never Win

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell

Today I’m wearing more Twin Peaks-inspired outfits, after I decided that David Lynch is quite literally the shiz. There’s a big Zola Jesus influence to; so here I am being all gothic and surreal with an early Nineties twist. I absolutely love all the backless dresses that were made in the 80’s and 90’s, and below is one of my favourites. It’s velvet and too dressy to wear during the day usually, but with my Topshop hold-all and casual shoes it becomes a little bit more wearable. I think of it as my ‘jazz singer’ dress. I don’t think I even own a backless bra, so I went au natural, but with some dresses it’s just impossible to do that without poking someone’s eye out. Luckily the material is quite thick, so no nipples on show today! High-five!
The outfit in the first photo is a little more ‘Audrey Horne’ again, with a schoolgirl-tries-to-look-grown-up kind of vibe. The dress is vintage Richmond from the 80’s, and was given to me by my mother; she used to go partying in it when she was my age. The Wayfarers are my dad’s, on ‘loan’…#he’snevergettingthemback. The knee-highs are H&M.

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