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If I Was A Rich Girl...

By Nicelise
If I Was A Rich Girl...How many times have you ever heard the saying "money can't buy you happiness?" Probably a lot between books, magazine articles, songs and more.
Ironically, a lot of the people I've heard sing or say this statement had money. Now are they saying this because they've seen firsthand that money can't buy you happiness? Did they forget how hard it is to not have money?
Since I was a little girl, I have memories of watching my mother clip coupons before going to the grocery store, being told things I wanted were too expensive, and having to work for the extras that I wanted. I also have memories of how much time I spent applying for scholarships for college and now I have my student loans haunting me.
I was and am by no means poor, but I was also not rich.
So when I hear people say "money can't buy you happiness," I beg to differ. While money can't buy you true friends, have someone fall truly in love with you and protect you from tragedies, it certainly could make everything in between a hell of a lot easier.
Can you imagine walking into Saks 5th Avenue and just picking up whatever you wanted, not having to look at the price tag and not worry about your card being declined or not being able to eat for the rest of the year?
I'm pretty sure being able to hold a perfectly quilted Chanel bag and put a pair of red-soled Christian Louboutin heels knowing I owned them would make me feel pretty damned happy.

If I Was A Rich Girl...Aside from being able to buy any designer piece, not having to worry about if you would be able to pay your bills one month, how you're going to pay off the mound of debt you're sitting on, whether you will be able to buy groceries or if your car will start would certainly make millions of people in this country happy.

So why do people say "money can't buy you happiness?" Is it just because it can't facilitate your personal relationships? If that is the case, not having money can't buy you happiness either. One of the most common things married couples argue about is money. If those couples didn't argue over money, or the lack thereof, would they be happy and still together?

Money can't buy you true friends, can't get someone to fall in love with you and can't protect you from hate and tragedy, but I strongly believe having money makes life easier to live. Money can't solve all of the problems in the world, but it can solve a lot of them.

xox Nickie

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