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If i Could Add These to My Baby Registry, i Would.

By Agadd @ashleegadd

if i could add these to my baby registry, i would.

pedicures (see: me time) / confessions of a concealaholic (to combat tired eyes) / pretty dress (to hide post-baby weight) / Veev Acai liquor (hello summer cocktails) / go girl energy drinks (how I’ve missed you!) / yoga classes (to get rid of said post-baby weight)

I know, baby registries are for babies. I get it. Our little boy is going to be fully stocked with the latest and greatest clothes, toys, and gadgets. But don’t you think mommas deserve a little love too? Anyone? Bueller? If I could add these items to my baby registry without being judged, I most certainly would. Call me selfish, but I think baby registries should have a small “mommy” section too.

{ Please note: if you want to sneak a few go girl energy drinks into my diaper cake, I will kiss you. On the mouth. }

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