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Ïewduh | Creating The Right Buzz | Pradip Kurbah

Posted on the 09 September 2019 by Themoviean

Ace Khasi filmmaker Pradip Kurbah whose last two films won the National Film Awards is back with his latest offering Ïewduh.

Ïewduh will have its World premiere at the 24th Busan International Film Festival, and Ïewduh's India premiere will take place at 2019 JIO MAMI Film Festival's India Story. The film is officially releasing on 15th November 2019 in Shillong

Ïewduh is based on the market by the same name, one of the liveliest markets of North East India. Probably everybody knows what a market looks like. They know how the lanes, the shops, the shopkeeper's look like. But beyond the surface, these everyday people, the common faces, the un-heroic stories also have their special moments. In every lane, there are new stories.

In Ïewduh people from different communities and religion work and they co-exist. And today centuries later, Ïewduh stands tall and witness to a lot of history. With scars and colors and freshness and stench, this is the real world of Ïewduh, where fairy tales do happen.

Ïewduh the film is about everyday people, with everyday stories, not dignified as heroes, but people who make the lives of each other better.

In every lane of Ïewduh is an untold story. The struggle, the hope to give life not just to themselves, but also to those that they love, those that they care for. In Ïewduh when reason ends, relationships begin.

Director: Pradip Kurbah | Cast: Albert Mawrie, Denver Pariat, Richard Kharpuri, Baia Marbaniang, Enshon Lamare, Anvil Laloo, Lapynhun Sunn, Jeetesh Sharma, Saju Ahmed, Rupam Baruah, Khambor Nongneng, Dhruba Kalita, Elmer War

Producer: Shankar Lall Goenka Co-producer: Siddharth Goenka, Pooja Goenka, Maina Goenka Cinematographer: Pradip Daimary Editor: Lionel Fernandes Sound designer: Screenplay: Paulami Duttagupta, Lionel Fernandes, Pradip Kurbah Dialogues: Pradip Kurbah, Edward Pakma, Paulami Duttagupta Associate director: Akee Sorokhaibam Associate editor: Production designer: Trisanku K. Sarma Re-recording mixer: Hengul Medhi Sync sound: Debajit Gayan Production controller: Nanafer Wanniang Chief assistant director: Gordon Kharsyiemiong Corinna song: Augustine Kurbah Publicity designer: Jesse A. Kurbah Line producer: Tyrel R. Lyngdoh Digital consultant: Bryan Akoijam
Badeimon Kharshiing
Actor's mentor: Lapdiang Syiem Amrit Pritam
Story: Paulami Duttagupta, Pradip Kurbah

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