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Ideas Matter

Posted on the 05 February 2013 by Adask

English: Wilhelm Wundt Polski: Wilhelm Wundt

English: Wilhelm Wundt Polski: Wilhelm Wundt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Arkansas Bob” sent me an email concerning “Cultural Marxism” and “critical theory” as “concepts developed by a group of German intellectuals, who, in 1923 in Germany, founded the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University. The Institute, modeled after the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow, became known as the Frankfurt School.”

An article describing the “Frankfurt School” is posted at:  http://www.wvwnews.net/story.php?id=8183

Footnote #1 at the bottom of the page of that article reads,

1) Lionni, Paolo, “Leipzig Connection,” Heron Books, 1993. [Wilhelm] Wundt, in the 1870s, advanced the then-radical notion of man as an ‘animal,’ not accountable for his conduct, which was said to be caused entirely by forces beyond his control. According to Wundt’s thinking, in a human being there is nothing there to begin with but a body, a brain, and a nervous system. Therefore, teachers must try to educate a person by inducing sensations in that nervous system. Through these experiences, the individual will learn to respond to any given stimulus, with the ‘correct‘ response. Thus, a child’s actions are thought to be preconditioned and beyond his control, because he is simply a stimulus-response mechanism.In that footnote we learn a little history.  The “man as animal” theory (rather than the Genesis 1:26-28 declaration that man is made in God’s image and given dominion over animals–and therefore can’t be an “animal”)–may have started in the decade after the end of the Civil War.The idea that the animal-man is not accountable for his “conduct” is consistent with the idea that such “animal-men” cannot be tried for a crime since they lack the requisite capacity to “intend” to commit a crime.  Thus, no true prosecution for “crimes”–only penal (civil) prosecution for errant “conduct”.  Today, we are tried for civil offenses based on our “conduct” rather than our “intent” to commit crimes.The footnote’s description of the education appropriate for “animal-men’s” children is reminiscent of today’s “teaching to the test” and political correctness.The idea that a “child” is merely a “stimulus-response mechanism” is conducive to the idea of abortion.  Under the idea that man is merely an animal, killing an unborn child (or a dissident) is easily justifiable.  If you and I are mere “animals,” we can be disposed of just like cattle in a meat-processing plant.The idea that man is merely an “animal” and therefore “unaccountable for his conduct” is consistent the satanic principle “do what thou wilt”.  I.e., you can do anything you want because you will never be held accountable.Thus, we catch a glimpse of how important ideas can be.  A seemingly obscure idea first implanted in the 1870s and later advanced by the “Frankfurt School” in the 1930s, has become the basis for stripping you and me of our God-given, unalienable rights; initiating a war on drugs; laying the foundation for billions of dollars of profits for American pharmaceutical companies; and turning America into the world’s biggest police state.Ideas matter.  They are inexorable and more powerful than any gun or bomb.  Ideas can change the world without the world even understanding the change.If follows that attacking that same, obscure idea–that man is an animal (rather than a being made in God’s image)–is fundamental to reversing the injustice and loss of rights that resulted from that idea.“Arkansas Bob” saw the relationship between the Frankfurt School, the A.D. 1870 theory that man is an animal and my own study of America’s “man or other animals” drug laws, and wrote:“In my estimation this man or [other] animal issue is probably the most important issue you have uncovered to date. It goes to the heart of all truth. Each of us will be forced to side with either the children of “the snake” or “the Seed” (Jesus Christ) of the woman. See Gen. 3:15. & that word enmity, means a war to the death, not co-existence or compromise. Am glad you chose the correct Creator  with your [colloidal] “silver” situation, it would of been death if not.”I agree with Arkansas Bob.  However imperfect my work on “man or other animals” (especially the first article) may be–finding evidence (with the grace of our Father YHWH ha Elohiym) that our state and federal governments presume us all to be “animals” rather than men and women “made in God’s image” is certainly my most important contribution to date.  I believe that discovery is one of the most important political insights of the past century.The sonsabitches in Washington DC (your President, Congressmen, and Senators) and Brussels, Belgium (home of the New World Order), operate on the fundamental presumption that you, I, all of our parents, children, grandchildren and future generations are and will be nothing but “animals” with no more inherent rights or purpose than bunch of chickens in a Tyson Poultry processing plant.  As such, our government and the New World Order are committing “spiritual warfare” against the people of the world and biblical fundamental principle that we are all “made in Gods’ image and given dominion over the animals”.If enough people can grasped the significance of the “man or other animals” presumption espoused by our government, more than a few of the grinning bastards in Washington DC could end their days convicted of treason and dancing on the end of a rope.

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