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By Miss Cellaneous @MsCellaneousBl
My school has a harsh policy on ID's. You have to wear them, or you get instantly suspended for the day when you get caught without one. Today was the first day we had to wear them, and of course I forgot mine. Our principal called over the PA to send everyone without their ID to him.
I was convinced I was doomed. Not only was I being called out in front of my class, I was potentially going to be suspended. My dad would whoop my rear if that happened! Or, at the very least, any chance of him getting me a used PS3 like he's been thinking about would go down the drain.I was so afraid, humiliated, etc.
Luckily, I didn't get suspended. However, our principal wasn't about to let me stay at school without getting my ID one way or another. I called my house, and was forwarded to my dad's cell. I assumed no one was at home, and my dad was at work, so he assured me that he was in no position to bring me my ID. He did give me permission to go home and grab it.
When I got to my house, guess who was there? Mutt! He had been home when I called, and he didn't answer! He could have easily brought me my ID, but instead he was sitting on his duff, watching TV. Granted, my ID is my responsibility, not his, but still. My leaving school and missing class time could have been avoided.
Aside from that, I lost my parking place and had to park on the opposite end of school, away from any of my classes. So, this day has gotten off to a great start. Oh, well. As much as I want to blame my principal or my brother, it's my own fault for rushing out the door without my ID this morning. Sigh. Well, like that one coyote says, rock bottom is a solid foundation, right?
Next step is to get my MLP playing cards allowed at school. Then again, now might not be the best time to bring that up... well, we'll see. A bientot!

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