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Iceage – ‘The Holding Hand’

Posted on the 03 February 2021 by Spectralnights
Iceage – ‘The Holding Hand’Photo Credit: Mishael Phillip

Iceage have made a welcome return with the release of new single ‘The Holding Hand’ – the Copenhagen punks first for new label, Mexican Summer. Elias Bender Rønnenfelt says ‘The song lives in a slurred world, movements are elastically stretched out and strength is found in weakness while you find it hard to tell the difference between fume and matter. Gently the swaying intensifies, feel it escalate. Reach out for the holding hand, it seems almost within scope now.’

The song starts with experimental, almost ambient at times, tones surrounding Elias’ vocals as he ponders how ‘There is no shape, there is no form but a smoky rolling mass’ while intricate wind chimes help slowly build up the atmosphere – especially when Elias bleakly mentions rowing and going through ‘murky water bodies’. Shortly after, there are blasts of post-rock inspired guitars and slow-building percussion before it reaches a crashing climax, complete with layers of violin, riffs and feedback: ‘O limp wristed god, limp wristed god. Don’t you know I’m not at a fault in your weakened arms.’

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