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Ice Cream Crew Pt. II

Posted on the 08 June 2011 by Pelski
Ice Cream Crew Pt. II
I've been tracking Cubiq for sometime now, and it's comforting to say, that it's been worthing keeping on their heels. It isn't so much that I think they're going places, which they are - it's more to do with the fact, that in due time they will have already arrived. So don't flounder in the wake, just be sure to be on the bandwagon - and if your looking for a head start, then make sure your aboard our Ice Cream Truck at Glade Festival this weekend, where Cubiq will be playing a headline slot.
The Cubiq boys are currently in talks with a few labels to make their releases a little more physical and concrete - alas I hope this is not the end of the free hand outs for us all. By way of note, if you enjoyed the Real Nice collabs, then you can expect another serving of cartoon baguette bangers on the horizon - let's just hope the children don't get caught in the cross fire again. Amidst the music itself, there are the festivals too, so ahead of their performance on Sunday at Glade, catch the Cubiq boys playing Gottwood, Truck & Underhill. And finally, stay tuned as very soon I'll be featuring Cubiq's side project Wild Swim, which is yet another dipping pool of mature and characterised musings in the realm of electronic exploration.
Ice Cream Crew Pt. II
Tune time. First up is a remix of Amerie's 'One Thing'.......uh oh, really you say? It is quite likely that you'll be sensing faint groans emanating from your sighing speakers, as once again Amerie's perfectly auto tuned pop masterpiece is taken to the cleaners. But as predicted, I'm going to eat my own words, as they've done the pop re-work total justice, with a classic defected house vibe underpinning a gyrating rolling bass line.
Amerie - One Thing (Cubiq's 'Caught me slippin' Remix) [PELSKI EXCLUSIVE]
Borrowing a melodic tip from Max Cooper, the winding and revolving synth parts over lay the stomp and chug of techno syncopation. White filter washes, and a stuttered vocal reprise keep the spirit of the original firmly in our grasp.
Graphics - That Week (Cubiq's Sorry Remix)
Date: Friday 10th - Sunday 12th June 11Location: Houghton Hall, King's Lynn, NorfolkCost: Tickets £135

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