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I Wish I Knew Better, Sooner

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Ice Blue Colors Tanvii
Often I wish I knew better, sooner. Our thoughts and views are product of the world we are born into and 
our upbringing. One continues to live and think within the same parameters until that mold is broken - Sometimes by choice, often by accident.
But what happens when you realize that there was so much more out there? Or that you have lived for so long believing in a boundary which was never meant to be in the first place? Or that the the rules you thought were etched in stone could have easily changed for better?
There are many things that I never had a chance to experience. And many that I never will. And for those missed chances I sometimes mourn. Somethings are meant to be done at a certain age or at a certain point in life. It is a pity that we cannot turn back time. But what is most amusing to me is that the 
people, both who have those privileges and don’t often live in blissful ignorance. As for me, I stand by my first statement - I wish I knew better, sooner! Nothing spectacular about today's outfit. Just some icy blue color tones on a mildly-cold winter Sunday. Currently I am obsessed with all shapes of cropped jeans/trouser. Let's see how far my obsession will take me.  Ice Blue Colors Tanvii Ice Blue Colors Tanvii Ice Blue Colors Tanvii Location - Washington D.C. Sweater Jeans Booties Bag Hat

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