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I Was Abused as a Child but I Am Now a Great Mum

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

This is so difficult to talk about and to this day I have never talked about it to anyone, today I share my experience on Emma’s blog in the hope of helping others out there. I am sixteen years old, I am in care and have a one year old son. It all started when I went to live with my dad when I was about four, my two older sisters and I lived with my dad and his ex wife until he found a flat for us.

A few months later he found a flat around the comer from his ex wife and my three step sisters. Everything was great at the beginning until he met a lady friend who had two young children. That s when it all went down hill. This new women in my dads life was mean in may ways, I am not going to go into details as it still hurts to talk about it, but when I was five years old I was taken into care. One of my older sister was already in care by this time, it was the most pain full thing I have ever experienced.

I didn’t understand why my dad and his girlfriend wanted to hurt us?

I didn’t know what I had done wrong to get what happened to us, but each day I wonder why? I have learned to accept what happened, I put it to the back of my mind.

When I was fourteen I fell pregnant, social services were worried, could I be a good mum? I had not had the best start to life and I had not spoken to anyone about what happened. I didn’t want help, it would mean having to talk about it.

I had my son when I was fifteen, the day he was born was the happiest day off my life. I had social services watching my every move, I had to make sure I could do what was right by my son. They really want me to get help with what went on but I just don’t feel ready yet. I am sure one day I will, but the good thing is I now have my son.

I am a single mom and I only got pregnant because I was very drunk, but it has made me who I am today and I am now proud of who I am. If any mums reading this have suffered torment at a young age, don’t hold back, please speak out. It will help you and never let it get in the way of your life, I for one know its easer said then done.

Thanks for reading – anonymous post by mother of a little boy.

I would personally like to thank the mom who has taken the time and courage to write this post for the blog. Could you offer words of support? Have you experienced a similar childhood? If you would like to share your own story anonymously feel free to contact me.

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