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I Turn 24 and My Blog Turns 2!

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
Hello blogger buddies! How are you?? First of all, I am very sorry for not being able to post often of late. I have been packed up with college and tutions, work and friends. Life is great at the moment!
I turn 24 and my blog turns 2!
My blog turns two..well not today exactly. I started blogging in September, 2011. I like to celebrate my blog's birthday with mine :p
Ok so now I am 24! When I look an year back, its dawns upon me that I have changed a lot. Well, everybody does. But, in my case the change is quite radical. I went on to become a responsible and accountable person from being a free-spirit that didn't give a damn about some specific things. I realize that 'Age is just a number' just doesn't fit in all walks of life.
I have been doing a lot of soul-searching recently. I discovered my mistakes and realized how my life could have been better if I never took some decisions under the influence of someone I don't even know, someone I have not even seen.
Life would have been better if I had courage then. Things would have been pretty if I knew I don't have to take what I was being forced to. I undermined my ability, neglected my rights and gave up my choices. I did everything that was within my reach to make things work...But now I just don't like it. It's a lost cause. But better late than never.
I have to justify to my blog's name.... And My Life Goes On... I have to keep up with life. Hence, this post.
Happy Birthday to my Blog..Happy Birthday to Me...
Have a great day ahead! Love you all bloggger buddies. I want to thank you all, straight from the bottom of my heart, for making my blog a success :)

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