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I Think We’ll Be Alright

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell

After Christmas all I usually want to do is sit around playing with my presents; some years that means putting on a fashion show for everyone,  setting up something electronic,  burying my head in a book and my ears under my headphones, or all of the above. When I was a child we used to leave our presents in piles under the tree for weeks, and come down and play with them every morning as if it were still Christmas Day, until somewhere in the middle of January my mother would say we were taking down the tree now and had to put everything up in our rooms. This period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is always a time when you don’t have very much that needs to be done, and so you can relax and spend all your energy on doing the things that you really love doing, that you feel inspired to do.
This year it’s been raining non-stop wherever I go, and that makes me want to punch things. Midwinter can be a bit…well…bleak, at the best of times. But instead of punching things, I thought I would turn my attention to whatever beautiful details I could find in all the weird, cold and deserted places I visit, and focus my mind and lens on them, instead…
Also, tonight is all  about music, and I wanted to share, so here is my New Year’s playlist!
First Aid Kit- EmmylouGossling- Wild LoveThe Knife- HeartbeatsFlorence and the Machine- Never Let Me GoBat For Lashes- Laura
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