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I Think This is the First Time I Have Sat Down in 10ish d...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
I think this is the first time I have sat down in 10ish days.
No school today. I'm so out of the loop that I did not know MC was out till yesterday. SURPRISE!
Last weekend D and I went to the Smokies for 3 days. It was cut short because we missed our own bed and felt guilty doing anything without the herd. Lesson learned. Next time we take the kids and my parents for sitters. Dad has requested we take the kids to Dollywood for 3 years. I am bypassing Dollywood and finding a beach somewhere instead. I have discovered that if you have saw the Smokies once you have saw them 275 times. I closer to 275. Eventually it's nothing to see or photograph except a big rock. It's time to drive farther. I was very disappointed with our cabin and the location. It was loud. The view was nice, if you could get past the trailers in the valley that had the barking dogs. Sh*t, I can see and hear that in Bristle. We did eat at some pretty nice places and I bought a kick arse pair of Air Maxes. Other then that we wished we had just hid out in BG for the weekend. Still, a big ole great big THANKS to Momma Lacy and Pops Mike for keeping Zac the weekend. We left Eli at Moms with Evyn. It's no surprise that they are peas in a pod. Plus, Eli was a sick little boys for several days. Strep whooped his tail. It finally took a shot to put him on the rd to mend.
Tomorrow is Zac's party. He is getting a new swing set for his birthday and we are breaking down and getting our 4th trampoline this weekend as well. The boys love them and so do I. It's a very humane way to trap a 2 year old if they have the enclosures.
Eli is doing well. We are still on the same cocktail of medications. This week he has been a bit manic and had some serious rages. I am still hunting for a good therapist. Medication is a big part of controlling his Bipolar but there comes a time you need to learn thinking strategies for calming yourself down. That time came a year ago.
Yesterday I nailed my first 100 on a test in Psyc. I have gotten several 100 on in class work, homework and group work but never on a test. I was stoked to say the least.
After giving it some thought I decided to take summer classes. I don't have as much time to play with as the babies I attend with. I need to finish. I have 4 other college educations to pay for starting in 5 years. UGH.
This week marked the first time I mowed the yard this year. Excited is a understatement. By August you can guarantee I will be willing the yard to dry up and die.
We adopted the new puppy. Willa never found her way home. We have been through several names for this gal. Presley, Ada, Toot and Sissy are a few we have tried. I think Sissy may be the one that sticks. The verdict is still out. Zac LOVES calling her Presley but Evyn can not begin to say it.
The highlight of my week so far.......I bought a new stainless fryer at the Walmart :) and a Swifer Wet Jet. So far both make life easier. 5 stars for each. If you have hard wood or 4 boys that can't hit a big bowl of water that's been in the same spot since they were birthed,  then the wet jet is something you need to try at least once. So far there has not been a low point. Yay.

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