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I Surrender.

By Samantha Curtis @hooahandhiccups

I surrender.


It's been a rough few days friends... and I can't even really say why. I'll explain soon enough.. 
But other than that fact, yesterday alone, this is what my day consisted of:
I cleaned up 3 piles of pee in the house from what I  assume were the puppy's. Although having a toddler, I'm not entirely sure. 
Picked up Nolan's finger paintings in the backyard. After the dog had shredded them into a billion tiny pieces. Twice. 
Cleaned up 8 piles of dog poop. I never realized dogs went as much as they did. Or that I needed to pick it up so frequently. 
Broke a glass cup that somehow, ended up in my eye. 
Made numerous phone calls trying to figure out if we can break our lease on post and move off post. And I still don't and probably won't have an answer. 
Consoled Paislee after Nolan BIT her head and then proceeded to come down on her while jumping over her. 
Left Chuck E Cheese's to go to TJ Maxx and buy Paislee a new outfit because she had a blowout and I didn't have a backup. 
Got some news that made me not so excited about something I've been really excited about. 
Sorted and folded bins of laundry that have been sitting for days. Let's see how long it takes me to find time to put them away. 
And the list goes on and on. 
Let's just say I'm ready for tomorrow afternoon. And then I'm ready for next Saturday. And then I'm ready for the following Saturday. Bahumbug. 
Hope you're all having a better week than I am... 
I surrender.
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