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I Should Totally Be Cleaning After the Whole Episode With...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
I should totally be cleaning after the whole episode with the condiments last night. As soon as I vent a moment I will be shampooing the carpets once more to cut the "pickled" small out of Zack's bedroom. It's also time to pack up the summer clothes.
I have Dad on my mind today. He would sure kill me for outing his business on the Internet but we all have ways of coping to deal with bad or questionable news and this is mine.
I mentioned in a earlier blog he had agreed to another back surgery because the pain had became almost unbearable. He decided as soon as his beans were out of the field he'd schedule it. He has been having pain and pressure in his chest when he exerted himself and he convinced us it was due to his back being so out of sorts. His family Dr. gave him nitro tabs to carry and Dad continued to think it was silly. He also was refereed to a heart Dr which he saw last week. Unfortunately, she spotted something that needed attention.  His Daddy, my Grandpaw, passed away at home when a aneurysm busted, so that's always a concern since it is hereditary. Daddy doesn't seem to think this is the case since he has precautionary tests done regularly since grandpaw passed to look specifically for this. So, now he is scheduled for several more test. This must be addressed before he can schedule his back surgery. If he were to come to your mind please remember him. I have not had near enough time with him yet and I need him healthy.
Peyton stared practice/weight lifting for high school foot ball today. HIGH SCHOOL! It seems like I was just in high school a couple years ago. Time flys. Having a child going to high school soon makes me realize how fast they grow up........and makes me think maybe one more baby in the house would be nice. Five boys would be a team, technically. Just saying.....
I finished Danny's knitted blanket just in time for it to be back in the 50's at night instead of the 30's. It took me a month and isn't even the size of a actual blanket. More like a throw. But, he was pleased to have it because he has yet to turn the heat on in his truck. After seeing his Daddy's, Eli requested one.
Speaking of Eli, man oh man. That's all I'm gonna say about that his today. That's a blog in its own.
Zackary went through a few days last week of writing letters and pointing and not speaking. It was very frustrating. I realize being non-verbal is part of it sometimes......but he can speak and chose not to. His vocabulary is amazing. He can use huge adult words correctly but struggle finding the right smaller word.
Peyton is doing better. No huge school issues except for a minor one yesterday evening and he wasn't allowed to ride the bus home. Best I can tell, and the principle agreed, the driver was having a bad day and chose to make a example out of Peyton. of course Peyton had to be mouthy (where does he get that from anyway....) and removed from the bus. I think both Peyton and the driver acted like a complete arsehole.
I am still collecting jeans for Dean's Blankets. I am looking forward to making this drive with Danny and seeing a new state. It may be the only snow I ever see this winter.
On another note, we have decided to adopt a kitten for Zackary. We asked his if he's rather have another brother or a kitten. He chose kitten. I told Danny I'd give it serious thought if he convinced Zac of a brother. Danny's response, "I'm screwed."  I have chosen the fur baby......a white Persian blue eyed baby. Do you know how expensive these little boogers are? Check it out. How I manage to always pick the unicorn of critters I have no idea. But, our plan is in the making with a nice couple in Indiana. 
Christmas is CLOSE! Peyton has asked for a new pair of lace up boots so far. Zackary has asked for the following after i told him to think about what he wanted from Santa and us...
Me-Bumblebee Transformer with a drop helmet
I must learn how to feel it's O.K. not to give my children everything they ask for. I feel such a sickening guilt when I don't.
On another note.....the combine has now relocated to in front of our home and it's time to get dressed so Evyn can have his farming fix for the day. Have a great day.

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