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I Shivered the Whole Night Through

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell

My obsession with Twin Peaks is getting a little out of hand; I’ve started playing the soundtrack, out loud, while I’m hanging out at home, because (and this is where it gets weird) it seems as though it is actually the soundtrack to my life, and it just makes sense for  me to hear it while I’m thinking. As if I were actually a character in Twin Peaks, and my life was directed by David Lynch. Sometimes I forget I’m playing it, and that it isn’t just spontaneously occurring inside my head. Proper weirdo, me.
I love a TV show or a film for the symbols it gives me; the new ways of expressing things that already existed inside my head. Sometimes I think there are some fictional worlds that resemble my own much more than the one that is validated by others, and actually wish that I  could go into them and never come back. This is a common nerd-girl problem, apparently. I’ve suffered it at the hands of  Catherine Hardwicke,  Sofia Coppola, David Lynch, Jane Campion, Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino, to name but a few. I could get started on all the classic novels I wish I lived in, but I’ll do you a solid and restrain myself.
So above are some of my latest symbols and obsessions. I got the toy owl from a garden centre, the open book on my dresser is Pilgrimage by Annie Leibowitz, and the glasses on it I picked up from a fancy-dress shop in Swansea. I find some awesome stuff in costume shops sometimes, they’re a great place to look for unusual accessories. I got the heart locket on a trip to the seaside when I was a little girl. I found the carved owl statue in the woods at Castell Henllys, in North Pembrokeshire; it’s the most amazing thing, and looks so magical, this huge owl coming out of a live tree, alone in the woods. I could spend hours just standing there looking at it.

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