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I Scrubbed Myself with Bleach After Being Assaulted on the Bus

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

I scrubbed myself with bleach after being assaulted on the bus

This post is an anonymous guest post*


My childhood had never been a easy ride I was placed in foster care at age off 12 at 13 I was in a children home my life never seemed to be easy always ups and downs I’m 1 of 4 children me and my mother just didn’t seem to get on but at the age of 14 my mom asked me to go back home to live I agreed as I missed my family unit. I moved back in once social services did there checks, this was June 2005 and everything went smooth.


I started to think everything was fantastic.  My Christmas that year was one of my best that I could remember.  My birthday is 8 days after Christmas and I got money as at 15 I didn’t know what I wanted. I just wanted to go shopping, so on the 5th January me and my little sister then 13 and my cousin then age 18, but she didn’t have the mentality of a 18 year old so I was responsible of both of them.


We set off at 10am, I bought a few things,  had our lunch and as we where all freezing we decided to go back home.  We went to the bus station at 2.45pm, as we sat waiting for our bus two adult men approached me and started asking my age.  I told them I was 15 that wasn’t good enough,  one off the men grabbed my bum the other put his hands down my top.  My sister and cousin where crying as they didn’t know what to do. It got far worse than that,  they started feeling every private part of my body. I shook from head to foot trying to shake these men off me.


A bloke who I never met before stepped in to try help,  he got pinned up and punched in the face.  As that my bus pulled in me and my siblings ran on to the bus but so did the nasty two man who assaulted me.  It carried on. On the bus I was crying at this point told my siblings to move to the to other side of the bus.  I then got up and ran to the driver explained what had happened and he wasn’t interested, told me to go sit back down if I didn’t I was going to get took of the bus.


At this I asked a passenger if I could lend her phone to get in touch with my mam, she did and I rang and told my mom.  She told me to stay put on the bus, she rang the police 10mins later I was ready for my stop.  The bus stop was right outside my Nana’s, when I arrived there where police waiting in front and behind the bus. The bus stopped.  I ran into my mams arms, the police office asked me to show them the men. I did and we where told to walk up the street so the men didn’t see us going into my nans home.


The bus driver was taken off the bus and everyone was questioned. The police took my clothing for forensics, after interviews and more witnesses come forward CCTV and forensic reports there was enough evidence for a conviction.  In September 2006 was the court trail, both men appeared to be brothers and they pleaded not guilty.  But after all the evidence the date got adjourned till October 2006. I had a phone call from cps the day before the trail saying one man had passed away and other had changed his plea to guilty.


I didn’t have to go. I then learned the bloke that passed away had taken his own life. A week later I received a letter from cps saying the bloke who pleaded guilty had been jailed for 2 years and was placed on sex offenders register for life then men was 39 and 42.  This left a big impact on my life.


I didn’t trust no one I couldn’t protect my self let alone my sister and cousin. What sort of person was I? Did I deserve this?


I never felt clean I scrubbed my self with bleach and a scrubber. I didn’t leave the house or talk to no one.  After the years went by I realised it wasn’t my fault.  I was a young girl that had my trust and confident taken by two grown men.

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