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I Probably Should Not Admit It, But...

By Dyarnell @dyarnell
In a previous post I shared this pic of how overgrown the backyard to our Cabbagetown place was when we first moved in.I PROBABLY SHOULD NOT ADMIT IT, BUT...Initially I thought our neighbour's garage was too big and overshadowed the gardens. Friends quickly pointed out that if gave us a great degree of privacy, and they were right. I grew an overnight appreciation for it but I never thought it looked quite right. I wanted to plant something growing up it but I was timid about asking the neighbours who we otherwise had never had any contact with.
Then a "For Sale" sign went up! The house quickly sold and sat empty for a very short while. I probably should not admit it, but I struck while the house was empty. I figured new neighbours would not know how long a vine had been there, if they ever noticed at all.I PROBABLY SHOULD NOT ADMIT IT, BUT...In more recent years I have been good about getting my neighbours permission when required and it has worked out well but since on this occasion I was chickening out I was especially careful to not cause any damage. I used a simple threadlike landscaping netting and simple thumb tacks to secure it.  Who could have a problem with thumbs tacks?
In the three years since, the Silver Lace vine has grown rapidly and pretty well covered up the garage. It does not bloom much because of the shade from the massive Norway Maple but that is fine, it was meant to cover up the garage and it is doing its job splendidly.
I wonder if you all engage with your neighbours about your gardening every time you should, or if am I alone in my naughtiness?
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