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I Prefer to Find the Sunshine

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

I prefer to find the sunshine.

Sometimes I have to laugh – I used to be a worrier, I loved to sleep late, I used to get aggirvated and have a very short fuse.  I even have an old t-shirt that says:  Caution.  I can go from 0 to Bitch in 2.4 seconds.


Then something changed.  I stopped caring what others thought, did and said.  I just stopped.  I came to a realization that my stress level went through the roof when that happened or when I was around certain people.  It was like a light bulb went off one day and I said, I can’t do this anymore.   I put my foot down.  I refused to subject myself to negative people, and if it were a situation where we were both required to be in the same room, I was able to handle it and leave without taking it with me internally.  It was a wonderful time in my life when I learned that.  It was also much healthier for my relationships to bring home good feelings rather than stressful ones.

I learned that it’s okay to feel bad or angry or sad sometimes, but I don’t have to dwell on it.  I can prefer to think of something more positive and pull myself out of that funk.  Just as I allowed myself to experience those negative feelings – I can just as easily allow myself to experience positive feelings.

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