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I Never Thought I Will Wear This

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Faux Leather Leggings
I know the title sounds like a click-bait but these are my honest emotions. While these are faux leather leggings, I still never thought I would ever bother sliding up this kind of texture up my legs. Firstly, I used to believe that you need to have long lean legs to carry them off, and secondly I never thought I'd find a pair which wouldn't suffocate the fuck out of me and my legs. But I was intrigued enough by their description to give them a shot. Worst case scenario I wouldn't walk out in public in them and never do an outfit post? I was pretty okay with that outcome.  However, as you can see I am out-and-about in them and not only are they comfortable but they rather made me feel quite bad-ass the first time I tried them on. Honestly, I can't wait to style them again and wear the heck outta them this fall. If you are like me who hadn't tried (faux) leather leggings until now or are looking for a flattering luxe pair you must try these. Trust me, I was skeptical and these truly won-me-over. 
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