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I Must Take Two Minutes for Myself. AKA Two Photographs.

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
 It dawned on me a couple days ago that I have not sat down to do the one thing I enjoy more than anything in this world in entirely too long. Photograph my boys.
 These tide over my urge for a while but the first chance we get I'm thinking......some beach.......somewhere. Eli isn't stable. He has been rapid cycling since Christmas. For a Bipolar adult rapid cycling is defined in the DSM as having four or more mood changes in one year. For a child the definition should be altered.  Fits of rage, happiness, depression, crying, ect. all wrapped up into a period of a few days. This frequency can also be  labeled as ultra rapid cycling. We saw a new Dr. last week and I'm hoping for better days to come. I decided several days ago that as soon as he has several good days in a row we are out here for a few days. We all need a break from doctors, teachers, work and responsibility's of our normal day to day routine. They need some warm sand between their satanic little toes and I need a drink in one hand and the camera around my neck. Happy Little Friday.I must take two minutes for myself. AKA two photographs.I must take two minutes for myself. AKA two photographs.

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