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I'm So Random Wednesdays.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
here's another addition of i'm so random wednesdays! happy hump day everyone!
i'm so random wednesdays.
as a young child i used to model for fisher price. i was in journal magazine and in a couple of commercials. modeling ended when they wanted to take me out of school and my mom didn’t want that.
i took piano lessons for 10 years and was able to hear a song and be able to play some of them by ear. i couldn’t tell you now the last time that i actually practiced and played. it’s kind of hard to since my piano is at my parents because we don’t have room in our house at the moment for it :(
there are times when i get into laughing fits for no reason, and then i can’t stop laughing!
any food that i eat that’s hot, has to be scolding. i become grossed out when it starts to cool down, and once it starts to cool down i throw it in the microwave. this is the same with hot drinks as well. i’ll even put food that just came out of the oven in the microwave if it’s been sitting out longer than 2 minutes! i know i’m weird :)

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