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I'm So Random :) Wednesday.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
how's everyone doing this fine wednesday? can you believe it's february already? yesterday, i was graced with some lovely warm temps and sunshine. it always feels good to have temps in the 50s when it should be super cold and snowy. anyways, here's another i'm so random wednesday!
i'm so random :) wednesday.
it is likely that once a week, when i unlock the door, i forget that my keys are in there. and then i shut the door and lock it, with the keys in the door! i can't tell you how many times jeremy has come home and yelled at me for doing that since i get home before him! i have even left the keys in the door overnight! (i know, that's seriously a bad thing!)
when claymore makes funny noises and jeremy will ask claymore a question, i will answer pretending that i'm claymore. don't worry jeremy does the same exact thing!
i have extremely ticklish feet. when i do get a pedicure done, i'm gripping onto the chair with all my might because it tickles so much and i have to bite back the giggles!

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