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I'm Rubbish at dieting....Time for a Re-education

By K @stylesocoy
I'm rubbish at dieting....Time for a re-education I'm rubbish at dieting....Time for a re-education I'm rubbish at dieting....Time for a re-education OK, so I'm ashamed to say that I haven't posted about my weight loss journey for a couple of weeks now.
 Since my last post I've fluctuated within a few pounds of where I was, and the whole documenting my progress idea that I had became quite depressing.
I thought that it would have a positive impact on my attitude to loosing weight, when in actual fact I just felt like a disappointment when I wasn't consistently loosing the pounds each week (even as I read this it seems crazy, but I just can't help the way I feel!)
So with that in mind, and a simple bit of maths thrown in the mix, I started to re-educate myself.
I'm not going to bore you with the figures, there are websites out there that allow you to calculate what I'm about to tell you, but here's what I've decided.
Weight loss= calorie defect....FACT.
I worked out my BMR (basal metabolic rate), the amount of calories needed for my body to function, threw in some exercise, et voilà, I know how many calories I need to consume a day to a) maintain my current weight b) loose weight and c) gain weight.
Calorie counting is something I've not done for a long time, but it seems so simple. I've even bought a book and an app to help me on my way!
I'm not going to bombard you with regular updates, for the reasons above, but I do hope that in the not to distant future I can share with you my success story.

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