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I’m Pulling for the Republican Party

By Urbanbushwoman @urbanbushwoman9
Thirst much Mr. Rubio?

Thirst much Mr. Rubio?

Ok my Dem friends, calm down a second. Allow me to explain. I am registered as an Independent and always have been. Why? For starters, I grew up with Independent Party parents and they were my models for politics. Secondly, I cannot see myself aligning with one party (Indecision is my Achilles Heel. It explains why I cheer for two football teams.)  Third, I am quite conservative on some issues. I fell asleep last night and missed the State of the Union address. I got caught up today. And I am disappointed at the Republican Party.  They suck!! But I don’t want them to suck.  I want them to fight harder.

You know what I don’t like about the Superbowl (this year’s game excluded)? It’s usually a blow out. One team kills the other and it turns out to be so boring. Competition is a beautiful thing.  It makes football games more exciting. It keeps prices low and helps me save a buck.  It makes victories sweeter because you worked like hell to get it. My vote is always up for grabs. ALWAYS. Don’t ever take for granted that I will go with the majority because this little Urban Bushwoman has no problem swimming against the current. That distinguished gentleman from Florida named Marco Rubio was supposed to be the answer to President Obama’s speech last night on behalf of the Reps last night. He didn’t wow me. And apparently his thirsty behind didn’t wow too many others either. All I gathered from his speech was that president Obama and the democrats are in love with big government and will continue to keep us poor.  Well that may or may not be true but what’s your plan Mr. Rubio? To cut programs that are essential to the poor and working class and protect your rich friends? Sorry sweetie. Romney sang that same song and it didn’t fly. Is this the best you got? You’re not winning this competition with that under your belt.

C’mon GOP. Be creative. Come up with something new and attractive or recycle an old idea into something semi-new.  Make me pay attention to you. Stop parading Bobby Jindal (LA) and Nikki Haley (SC) out there as your version of new blood.  Boehner’s face last night and the fact that he couldn’t rise and applaud a 102 year-old woman who stood in line for hours to vote is enough to lose my respect. The Dems are countering your every move.  I want to see a full fledged competition for my vote not a slam dunk.  Every time these guys come up with ways to block President Obama and his policies it makes them look worse and worse.  America’s eyes are far more open now and much of that is owed to the 2010 election. As it turns out, “Change” is one helluva campaign word.  I have never paid more attention to politics than I do now and I know it’s because I see someone who is fighting for me.

Speaking of earning my approval, I have my eye on Mr. President and his promise to protect Medicaid. The potential for Medicaid to expand in a few months and be more available to the 30+ million Americans that need it is very intriguing for a health advocate like me. I have total faith that we our economy is on the mend.  But I pray that Medicaid is not the pawn that is sacrificed to make a bunch of grumpy old men give in.  I ain’t indecisive about that one bit. Medicaid must be preserved and expanded. Period. Please keep that promise Mr. President. At this point in the battle for citizen support, it’s your game to lose.

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