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I'm Officially Versatile!

By Ellen @ElleninTurkey
I'm officially versatile!
I  am honored to have been nominated by the inimitable Jack Scott for the Versatile Blogger Award, and I humbly accept.
These awards were created by Kate, and come with certain conditions: The nominee must formally accept the award in a blog post, display the logo, reveal seven quirky things about themselves (which aren't already evident in their blog), and nominate other blogs for the honor.
Heres the bit about me:
1. When I was 15, traveling with a youth orchestra, I lost my passport and was left in Peru while the rest of the orchestra went on to Chile. I was put in touch with the American Consul, and really wasn't too much troubled by the whole thing. I guess that's where I started to get the idea that being alone in a foreign country was nothing to worry about.
2. I still wear some of the clothes I bought in high school. I've never been interested in fashion, and I guess neither my size nor my taste has changed much in the last 30 years.
3. I'm terminally single. Although I always had a boyfriend in high school and college, it's been rough going since then. The longest relationship I've had lasted four years. And all my girlfriends hated him.
4. The only course I've ever failed was driver's ed. This meant I couldn't get a learner's permit to drive at 16, and I didn't get a driver's license until I was 23.  As it turns out, I'm a terrible driver.  After moving to New York I had no need to drive, so I let my license expire.  Friends and family rejoiced.
5.  I don't like guacamole.  This seems quirky to me for two reasons:  First of all, I like almost anything that can be classified as food; and second, everyone else seems to love it.  People always say "let's get some guacamole!".  Nobody ever asks "does anyone like guacamole?".
6.  I read Tarot cards.  This isn't necessarily quirky per se, but since I'm known as an uber-rationalist (one of my friends calls me "Miss Logical"),  my card-reading hobby tends to come as a surprise.
7.  I have a terrible sense of direction.  Ever since the destruction of the World Trade Center I have trouble determining North and South when I exit a New York subway.  And that's my home town.  It took weeks before I could find my way from the bus stop to my apartment here in Antalya.
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