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I'm Kinder After Fruit

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
The below will be split into three sections, you are most welcome to read just one or perhaps none.
If carrots make you see in the dark, does the kiwi have the equal potential to be as exquisite?
Recently I used a kitchen tool that de-cores an apple whilst simultaneously cutting it into 6
identical sized pieces. It was the most excessive and significant moment of my day. Extremely unnecessary. I ate each satisfying segment before bed.
Once there was a boy with an apple head. A big juicy apple head. Core n all.
Banana holders aren’t necessary objects.
A banana coffin created to keep it alive before it is killed.
Primary protection.
I quietly question the use.
Sometimes after a big greasy curry I want to slop and complain. I wonder if I ate fruit all the time, would I be a better person? - say kinder. Kind-er. Kind-er-er. Kinderrrrrr. Things would be less, all the less / lessons.
A banana provides a slow release source of energy.
It contains a superior source of carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin B6, which in turn can help boost our energy levels.

I wonder if I strategically ate bananas throughout the day, at regular intervals, would I always have energy?
I'm Kinder After Fruit
I try this for one day. 

03:00 - I set an alarm, wake up and have 1 banana
05:00 - I set an alarm, wake up and feel sick so don’t eat 1 banana
10:00 - 1 banana 13:00 - 1 banana 16:30 - 1 banana 18:15 - 1 banana 20:00 - 1/2 a banana 22:15 - 1/2 a banana
If my body devours a high quantity of fruit everyday, I imagine I would have unlimited energy. Extra assertive. Fruit fuel.

There’s no scientific evidence indicating this task will have the predicted correlation but it’s still something I want to pursue. A friend told me that the potassium intake of eating 40 consecutive bananas could kill you, so I just ate six.
Fruit fuel. I may write six arts applications, smash a 10 hour work shift, maintain my social commitments effortlessly and still feel revitalised the next day. It might be like drugs. Healthier drugs.
Is the banana a drug? Dunno. Maybe I would make more time to support people, put extra thought into birthday presents, maybe I could stop procrastinating and claiming it was because I was ‘tired’ and ‘needed my body to catch up with itself’. How far in front is my body? If it is always a step ahead then that explains why sometimes my brain is behind, forgetting names of people and places like sieve water. If my body linked perfectly with my body would that work better?
Catching up is difficult but it can be done.What if my body held my body really close so it never escaped itself, so it would work in tandem always?
I imagine the whole world eating bananas strategically. We all wake up at 3am and 5am to chow down so we aren’t tired later. When we kissed would it be for ages because we had more breath. Everyone’s walk would be bouncy and people would frequently skip.
The banana is bruised - wounded. I hold it on the bus like a fallen bird.
Martha Pailing, 2018

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