I'm Just a Poser.

Posted on the 24 July 2011 by Thetrendyhippie
Today was Saturday, which means only one thing....posing class with Jeff!When I think back to that first posing class, I remember feeling super nervous and super intimidated. The girls were all so fit and made it look so easy. Thankfully, I had scheduled a one-on-one session with Jeff earlier in the week so I could get a feel for what I would be doing. I wouldn't think I'd need to be taught how to walk, stand, and smile...but I did. I had to learn how to exaggerate my hips without looking akward and make it, as Jeff said, "look like you have booty coming from every direction". Sounds funny doesn't it? But, I guess there isn't anything much girlier that a perky, round booty.Two of my four workouts revolve around my butt. You know how I said that a cute outfit makes all the difference? Well, on booty days, that's especially true! If you were to be a fly on the wall next to me at the gym, you'd laugh as you watched me try to nonchalantly catch glances of my backside. Hey, if I'm going to spend hours working on it, I want to make sure I'm seeing my hard work pay off!! Lunges, squats, jump squats, jump lunges, smith machine squats, smith machine lunges, leg press, and repeat. On any given leg days, I'll do about 500 reps of leg/butt exercises. Most of which are with weight anywhere from 10lb dumbbells for my plyos (anything jumping) to 85lbs for smith machine squats and 130lbs (+ or -) for leg press.Now that I have my suit, I have that much more of a reminder that my booty is going to be on display for all to see in 3 WEEKS! Eek! On that note, I need to eat my egg whites, swallow down some glutamine, and hit the sheets.

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