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I'm Here to Stay...

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge
I'm Here to Stay...

With all the heart

And my soul

I embarked on a journey

Without any goal

Lighting up the candles

As I sit in the dark

The 3 am friends came knocking

Yes they appeared so stark

Listened to my heart's calling

Staying away from the crowds

Loved the enchanting scenery

Behind the white clouds

The sun kissed the mountains

The ink splashed on the paper

Painting thoughts with words

And emotions turn to vapor

The time went by so quickly It just seemed like yesterday I was drawn to you, the pied piper Not going anywhere, I'm here to stay... *This year, I complete 9 years of my blogging journey. It is not a roller coaster ride for me. As a person who takes things slowly, like to live a slow, peaceful life, I pen whatever I feel like writing. With this poem, I express my thoughts and emotions plus the experiences.

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