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I'm A NeatoShop Affiliate

By Gerard @presurfer
I'm A NeatoShop Affiliate
As of today I'm a NeatoShop affiliate, as you can see in the right column of this blog. The NeatoShop is the online store for Neatorama, one of the largest and most popular websites worldwide with nearly 3 million monthly visitors. The Presurfer has been cooperating with Neatorama via link exchanges and some great give-aways. And we will be having more of those in the future.
Since - through these give-aways - I was linking to the NeatoShop anyway, I've become a NeatoShop affiliate. Because that way I can do something back for the generous free presents that Neatorama is giving away to readers of The Presurfer. And of course, I can earn some extra income, which, being a poor pensioner, is always welcome. :) So, next time you buy something from the NeatoShop, you can do yourself and me a favor by going there via this link.The Presurfer

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