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I'm a Good Girl.

By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui
Earlier, I meant to write about social conventions and its effects. And by that I mean in a broader sense, not just a man opening the door for a woman. I tried writing up on it, but it just did not get my interest going. I usually am able to better express myself in the form of poetry, especially when something really touches my heart and has a lasting effect. That could be a beautiful morning or someone disappointing me. Anyway, not to deviate from the main issue here, what on earth are social conventions? Why have I been wanting to write about it. I am not going to describe exactly what they are, because that's old and boring. But today I have realized, why it has been bothering me so much. It is the mere fact that we are all slaves to it (eureka moment, sigh). Man is bound by the chains of what is right and wrong, what appears to be right and wrong, what 'people' say and eventually the image we portray of ourselves.  So we behave in a certain way that society will accept. And then also in a way that our own self is satisfied and the ego doesn't get hurt. So there we are, trying to find that balance between society and us. To my personal opinion, becoming the most confused lot to walk on the face of earth. I don't have a problem with the world wanting to be accepted by the world - if you know what I mean. Aren't we all trying to fit in? Trying to be accepted by people surrounding us, trying to be cool for the ones who we think are cool bla bla. (I'm part of this too, I don't deny because this is the truth about human nature - we are all wanting, needing to be accepted and loved). All I have to say is, life would have been so much better if we took charge of our emotions (not society, no books, no authority), and do just about anything naturally the way our gut tells us. If we did not fear the damage of reputation, the melt down of a well-perfected image, everything would have been just so honest. So yes, I'm in control tonight. And my image is intact. I'm a good girl. 

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