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I Love Trees

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Oh dear. I was planning to write a blog to go with my poem but the day turned out more busy than I expected at work and then my tablet died and would not charge, so I offer you just my poem about my love of trees. I hope that it's okay.
I Love Trees
I Love Trees
I love trees. They never preach, They teach. By their actions. You can hug a tree And it will never Push you back. It will give you its strength. You can smell its blossoms, Kiss its leaves Or eat its fruit, The tree will never say, no.
You can tell everything to a tree. It will never judge you Or gossip about you, Or tell you off. You can lay under a tree, It will give you a shade And sing you a lullaby Of whispering leaves, With birds who nest there Joining in.
I want to be buried With a seed of a tree, To grow in a tree, To become everything This tree is. And to grow In the next seed Of that tree, And the next, And the next, And to be all That this tree is Forever and ever. I love trees.
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