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I Love Soccer...

By Thetoaststaff
But I REALLY love soccer today.(Editor’s Note: The Casual Observer will be submitting columns occasionally on various subjects. This is the first. You may email him here at: [email protected])
I love soccer...Today This weekend was really special.Americans find their way to soccer in a variety of ways, and I admit I found the sport later in life than most of you probably did. Originally it was to have something with which I could stay connected with my son. He was always so excited when he started talking about his soccer team and how they were doing. He was using new terms I had never heard of, like pitch, kits, tables, and transfer windows. I started watching and found it just ok, so-so. Like most Americans I even found it a bit boring (a topic for another day). However, the more I watched the more I found the beauty in the Beautiful Game, and now of course I’m hooked as well.Back to this weekend. When the Summer Tour of Manchester United was announced, my son and I started planning on how we could go see our favorite team. Doing this two months in advance really helped as I was able to use mileage to fly us there for free and find a rental car deal, while he was able to find a great price on a one-night stay in a hotel at the airport. We were set. We had managed to come up with an inexpensive way to travel up to the Washington DC area and watch the Red Devils play against Barcelona. I got a bit of a surprise when I got to the airport to meet my son.I found a grown up. I found a man who is passionate about what he believes (i.e. Congress…a pox on BOTH your houses.), VERY crazy about his girlfriend (just how long does it take to check on what happened at the vet?), and someone who can restrain himself when needed (there were a couple of guys that went to the game at FedEx Field in section 434 who really deserved a head-slap and didn’t get one. Good thing he was sitting closer to them than me…I might not have resisted the urge.).  He knows he has to live on a budget, and does so even with lots of temptations, and is his own man (he drank a Pepsi in front of me…a PEPSI? Really?). That doesn't sit well with too many former Coke employees. He drinks beer for the taste and not necessarily to get drunk, and still loves to read.I found I liked the man he has become and felt very proud that I might have contributed in some way. He worked his ass off and graduated from college, six months of which were spent in South Africa studying and volunteering in a local township. He has started to make his way, away from his home and in a new city. He has grown up…who knew?So…thank you soccer…and thank you son, for a very special weekend.

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