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I Love Our Family

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
We were exchanging cards this evening when the blond twin said, "I love our family." It was the best Valentine's Day gift ever in a day full of fun Valentine's Day moments.
My day started with breakfast in bed. The girls brought me a plate with strawberries, piece of Chocolate candy and bread with sunflower butter on it. They told me that they would have brought up some juice but were afraid they would spill it on the stairs.
We walked to school with a bags of Valentine's and candy. I walked with a cookie tray in the air as if I was delivering a pizza. The girls thought it was so funny that I could walk so far with the cookies in the air. I said, "Hey, Mommy waitressed her way through college." Some skills stay with you.
The Valentine's parties were really just ice cream and passing out Valentine's cards. I helped in the brunette twin's room. The official room parent couldn't take the day off work. The kids were running around passing out Valentine's when the brunette twin asked if she could give Valentine's to some other teachers. When she returned to the classroom she said, "Where is my ice cream?" In a cringe-worthy parenting moment I realized I gave all the ice cream to the class and didn't save her one. I took the girls to an ice cream parlor right after school to redeem myself, but I'm not sure the brunette twin forgave me.
The girls were so excited about making a special dinner for Daddy. They decided they wanted pizza, so we pulled a frozen deep dish out of the freezer. They set what they call a "pretty" table and waited for Daddy to come home.
We exchanged cards and candy before dinner. It's what we want for the girls -- to know that it's special because we're together not because we exchange expensive presents. It was when the blond twin declared, "I love our family." She was right and we all felt it.

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