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I Love a Cup of Tea and Now I’m a Subscriber!

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy

As avid readers of this blog will tell you, I love tea. I am forever stopping half-way through a task to have a cuppa. It helps me chill out when things are getting stressful and without the excuse of ‘having a cuppa’, I’d never take a break. So I am always happy when someone (usually me) clicks the kettle on and offers a cup of the warm stuff.

At the start of the year, I decided that I would be a little more adventurous with my choice of teas and if you’ve read this blog post on my favorite teas you’ll have realised that for me ‘Lipton’ was as exciting as things got! So, I’ve hunted around for some ‘real’ tea this year – yes, the stuff that looks like leaves (or twigs at times) where you have to use a tea-strainer or filter to get the liquid into your cup. I stumbled upon Tea-Horse, a company that source amazing teas from around the world and deliver them to you like a magazine subscription each month. I don’t know about you, but that’s certainly MY kind of subscription!

I ordered the January box so that I could try out the service and I was very impressed when a slimline box dropped through my letterbox filled with a tissue paper wrapped selection of vacuum-sealed teas. There were 4 teas in my box including a white tea “White Monkey”, a green tea “Green Tonic” and two black teas “Keemun Hao Ya A” and Nilgiri Thiashola. I’m always a bit wary of a tea that I can’t pronounce, but I’ve made my resolution to try different teas and here I go! 

cuppa tea horse black green white tea leaves

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