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I’ll Be There for You…

Posted on the 01 January 2013 by Lucy_wood @IamLucyWood

It’s an age old statement that has had many social commentators talking..

Women and Men can never be ‘Just Friends’

This in my view, is to be frank rubbish. They’ve clearly never been in my shoes.

I’ve always got on better with boys, not because I am a flirt.  I’m ridiculous at that but, because boys are less bitchy, tell it how it is and don’t back stab.

Maybe it’s because I fit in better, I’ve never felt overly pretty enough to talk about dresses and shoes, but find my stride in telling jokes and being the funny one.

All of my close friends are all males. This wasn’t a choice it just happened and many outsiders look at me with my friend and assume we have history or that he fancies me and hasn’t said.

I would be a lair if I sat here and said that I hadn’t, in the early days fancied at least one of them for a brief period because I have.

But once I got to know him I realised that the feeling of uncertainty when I saw him turned to being 100% comfortable with him all the time. I realised I was drawn to them for a reason. We were designed to be friends

Without the pressure of a first kiss or romantic evening.. Romance complicates life and I’m not saying I don’t want the complication, I do just not with these people.

My close friends are a unique bunch I don’t have to pretend to be fantastic at everything and pretty all the time like I would of I was dating.
I can have an ugly day, the boys don’t care, I can get upset and cry they won’t run for the hills thinking Jesus she’s odd. They stick by me, supporting me whenever I need it.

They can act stupid and be a twat for laughs. It won’t change the affection that we have for each other. We just get each other. Completely.

All of my close friends are single. I will be sad if they get a partner, of course I will, I worry that the girls they find might see me as a threat and push me away. But my friends assure me that this will never happen.

Could I imagine anything more?

No. Why would I want to ruin something so perfect

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