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I’ll Be There

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

I’ll be there” is one of those phrases I loved to hear my pitchers and infielders say throughout the game.  Here are the situations when I wanted to hear it from them.

Hey, two outs ... I'll be there.

Hey, two outs … I’ll be there.


  • Left handed hitter walks to the plate.  Pitcher turns to the first baseman and says “Ball hit to you, I’ll be there.
  • Two outs, runner on first or runners on first and second. Shortstop says to the second baseman “I’ll be there” (meaning, I’ll be there at second base on a ground ball to you if getting the force at second is easiest.
  • Same situation.  Shortstop says the same thing to the first baseman for the same reason.  A throw to second base on a ball hit far to the first baseman’s right with two outs may be easier than turning and throwing to the pitcher covering first.  It also let’s the first baseman know the shortstop will be at the bag for throwbacks after a play.  Click HERE to see what throwbacks are.
  • Two outs.  Runner on first or runners on first and second.  Second baseman says “I’ll be there” to the shortstop and third baseman in case a force at second is an easier play.
  • Less than two outs.  Runner on first or runners on first and second.  Shortstop says “I’ll be there” to the pitcher so the pitcher knows who he will throw to at second base after getting a ball hit back to him.

Hearing a bunch of I’ll be there’s throughout the game lets me know my players are thinking for themselves and anticipating plays.  The more they do it, the less reminders I have to give which frees my brain up for more important things.

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