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“I Know It is Important, but Somehow It Never Gets Done”

By Olgadegtyareva @olga_degtyareva
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Today’s ezine topic is: “How do I get that one thing done that I know is important but for some reason never gets done”. This topic comes from a question that someone asked me after a lecture I gave at the University a couple of weeks ago. That person shared with me a situation where he comes to the University to his working place and his day never goes as expected.

His day would be always unpredictable with people demanding his time and attention and scheduling meeting for the time when he planned to do some of his important work. He could never get that one important thing done, and namely start writing a paper.

You probably can relate to this situation, when you know that one thing you wanted to do is important to you: start writing that paper, application, literature review or yearly report. You know it will be an important step in your studies, in your work or even in your career – so important it is. And yet it never gets your attention because your day is too busy, you react to what is happening, what people say and to the demands of your time.

Watch the above video to learn how to turn this situation around and start making progress with that one important thing that never gets done.

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