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I Just Couldn't Wait...

By Ofanselm @ofanselm
Photobucket If you're viewing this post in a reader, click over to see the new design!! I've definitely simplified a lot - cut down on some clutter and hopefully cut down on loading time too! On my sidebar you'll see I now have a page with sponsorship info, and for those who are curious about where I got certain design elements, you can check out my Design Credits page (which I have linked at the footer).
And the biggest difference: my new domain!! In my efforts to simplify, I've decided to shorten my pretty long, apparently-sort-of-hard-to-remember title to simply Of Anselm. From friends I've consulted who've gone through this process, the new URL shouldn't affect any of your subscriptions or follows... but if you did NOT come across this post in your reader, be sure to re-subscribe (and let me know if you needed to, so I can figure out if there's anything I can be doing on my end).
Soooo, with a new domain comes a new Facebook page, a new Twitter handle, a new RSS feed, and a new email address (listed on the sidebar)!!! I'd love to see your beautiful, encouraging faces on my new Facebook! And hey, if you want to share that little bit of info with your friends, I wouldn't protest :)
And lemme just say: jeesh, coming up with a new blog design is hard hard work! I'm so thankful for resources like Pugly Pixel (I don't think I would ever attempt any web design on my own if she weren't around!), as well as family and blogging friends like Rebecca of A Daily Something and Talia of Life Lately, who provided lots of reassurance to my second-guessing self. Without you people, I would still be wringing my hands feverishly trying to decide whether I want a background pattern or not! So thank you ♡
I just couldn't wait...

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