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I Heart Spring Tag!

By Kandee @kandeecanread
Hello, hello. 

Well, I'm transitioning into something new. I've always seen this all over the Internets. I've been waiting for Spring like FOREVER. So I'm a little excited. Well, maybe, a little more than a little excited. I love Spring, hence the title I Heart Spring.So here we go.1. What is your favorite Spring nail polish?That would have to be Wet 'N Wild Heatwave, its a orange-y, fall type color, but for Spring I really like reds and oranges and pale pinks. Here's what it looks like:I HEART SPRING TAG!
2. What is your must have lip color for Spring?Again, I love reds and pinks and such. But I really love Wet N Wild's Black Orchid. It last a looong time, but it's really messy. Very messy and also, its not really hydrating, so if you want it, put a balm on first. That'd be best. Its not super, super dark and comes out lighter it looks, but its only a dollar. Which is super good for a dollar. I love bright, bright colors for the spring. Yes!3. Show us your favorite Spring dress? 
I HEART SPRING TAG!I'm really loving this trend of long-sleeved flowy dresses. Florals are great for the Spring time and I have a dress that looks really similar to the one in the middle, but I got it while thrifting and I'm way too lazy to go take a picture of it, so there it is. They're light and airy for the weather around here since it goes from hot to cool to hot again in a matter of seconds. 4. What is your favorite flower?I really do love tulips. They're grown all around here and all over. Most people love to grow them and I love to see them. They're so cute. I see them everywhere and I'm just like. Oh my gosh, I love them. Yes.I HEART SPRING TAG!
5. Favorite Spring Accessory?I'm not one for accessories. Well, I believe that they're okay, but they don't make an outfit completely. But I do really love those handmade, cloth bracelets and I do love watches as well. I've been wearing a lot of them, mainly to tell the time, but they look cute as well. And my friend went to Mexico and got a bunch of little Hispanic bracelets so I put them on and they automatically cheer me up and make my outfits a LITTLE better.

6. Favorite Spring Trends?

I really have been seeing a lot of camo, a lot of stripes, black and white particularly, but still. I see it everywhere and after a while, I broke down and bought a pair of black and white striped pants from Forever 21. They fit so heavenly, but I am really bad with anything white. Very bad because my lunch consists of cheese fries, so I don't wear them often. I usually don't like Forever 21 pants either, THEY'RE STEPPING UP.

7. Favorite Candle?
No me gusta candles, I just spray a little bit of Febreeze and open a window and I'm good. Do you know any candles that are good? I really like cookies and sweet smelling scents.

8. Favorite Body Spray and Perfume?

Na son. I don't use a lot of this because I don't have gym, but I do use this Victoria's Secret  Garden Love Spell body spray because you do know how us women get a little smelly, smelly some times. *spray* spray*

10. What's your favorite thing about Spring?

Ummmm. I really do love the weather. I love that I'm able to wear dresses and skirts and sandals even though my feet look horrible and I have to constantly keep my toes painted. I also do love that I can go out to the beach and show skin, even though I have to shave. GOD!! But still, looking hot is worth it. 

It is.

11. Are you a Spring cleaner?

I'm an all year round cleaner, I'm just a big OCD, so I must have everything in its place at all times and if it has been moved I will literally go crazy.

Really, its not pretty.

And lastly,

Any plans for upcoming Spring Break or Vaycay?

I went to the Autism Walk they had downtown and I really did have A LOT of fun, it was great to see all the people there, see a lot of places, have good food, hear good music. It was really fun, but I really don't think I am going to do anything else. 

So yeah, that was the I HEART SPRING TAG. I hope you enjoyed this, follow me on BlogLovin now since Google Reader is going BYE BYE.


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