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I Heard It Through the Grapevine...

By Kelliciousxo @Kelliciousxo
I heard it through the grapevine... (image source)
Ah, gossip. It spreads around playgrounds and workplaces faster than the winter rhinovirus and there are even whole magazines dedicated to it. Sometimes it can almost be healthy (such as someone telling you about a skirt you are coveting 'apparently' being the in sale, which you then find is to your joy) but can turn nasty quite easily if the information being passed around falls into the wrong hands. I'm not saying I'm perfect as I've passed on gossip but if I hear something that I don't actually believe could be true, it won't be passed along further than me in the chain!
I fell victim to the grapevine this week after my friend's birthday night out. One of my male friends on the way home asked if he could crash at mine so I didn't have to get the taxi back alone. Nothing wrong there, right? There's no attraction between us and never has been. He was just being a good friend.
When the taxi driver said how much it would be to my house from my friend's place (we all came back from town and my house is about a 10 mins down the road), he said he'd stay round theirs instead. However, everyone else in the taxi had already got out at this point and the last one to leave decided to run into the house and tell everyone that we were going home together, and everyone automatically decided that meant we were gonna have sex. Great conclusion to reach, guys!
I didn't know of this until Tuesday when I went unto uni and some people off my course (who weren't even out with us that night) were like 'KELLI! I've heard all about you and (male friend) on Saturday' and I was naturally like 'Huh?' I had drank a lot but I would certainly remember doing something with a good friend of mine! At least 6 of my friends made this accusation throughout the day and I ended up texting my friend apologising for these actions. He just replied 'haha, it's OK :)'
Last night I asked someone that had been in town with us if I had done anything, and he told me the truth about the person who ran into the house. Apparently, everyone got their phones out and started texting everyone on my course about this sex session that they had suddenly decided was happening!
I think a little bit of gossip is fine, but blowing the truth out of proportion and embarassing someone is not cool. I'm not entirely impressed with everyone for being so childish about the whole situation and making me believe that I had done something stupid. At least I know the truth now and can hopefully quash any beliefs that things did happen! When you're almost 19, you'd think something like this wouldn't really happen...

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