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I Have Two ‘half’ Wombs, Two Cervix’s & Two Vaginal Openings

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

This post is an anonymous guest post*


I have two ‘half’ wombs, two cervix’s & two vaginal openings


January 2006. I started my period a little naive I only used sanitary towels, then after a few months I chose to use a tampon for school, as of P.E! That morning as I prepared myself to use them I was a touch confused, where does a tampon go? I knew it was odd as I had two vaginal openings but thought maybe I was being silly.

3years passed and I just stuck to sanitary towels never told anyone. I lost my virginity aged 15, he never noticed, nor did my next boyfriend. Then I met my daughters dad. We were together for around 7months and one day whilst having a fumble – he noticed. I knew I had to cough up and I spoke to my mum, a week later there I was at the doctors, they told me I was young, naive and it was my ‘urination hole’ – then she had a look and was completely baffled.

In march 2OO9 I went to a gynecologist for a trans vaginal scan and discovered, that from the top of my womb to the bottom of my birth canal I had a membrane splitting the entire lot in half. I have two ‘half’ wombs each with one ovary. Two cervix’s & two birth canals/vaginal openings and was told my likely hood of kids was slim. I had a ‘didelphic uterus‘ which effected only one in every 5,000,000 women my midwife, GP and gyno had never seen nor heard of this.

A mere 2 months later I was pregnant, I had all in all 14 scans due to having such a small womb (she was in my right womb) they was worried my cervix wouldn’t close or maybe the wrong one would close. I was told not to have sex unless using condoms as there was a likely hood I could get pregnant in the other womb and carry twins yet them be a month apart. Birth was more complicated, what if.. the wrong cervix opened? the membrane ruptured?

21st DEC 2OO9, I went into premature labour 31weeks, I stayed away from hospital as i’d been in and out of labor since 22weeks! but at 7pmon the 22nd DEC 2OO9 my waters broke and due to being breech my daughter arrived at 20:44 via c section weighing 3lb7.

Shes now a very healthy 2year old, but if you ever unsure, ask. My mom now says I truly am one in a million



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