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I Have Finished Playing The Walking Dead Last Night

Posted on the 25 December 2012 by Arwinkim
In case you dunno, The Walking Dead is a game developed by Telltale Games. Actually, I didn't intend to buy this action horror game as there was no Hitman: Sniper Challenge or Sniper Elite V2 I had planned to buy. I searched for Amnesia but hadn't found it, then the seller suggested me to buy The Walking Dead.
The format of the game is one DVD only, thought it would run softly in my machine, thought there was less lag. I bought it in MTC (Makassar Trade Center) for Rp.30.000. I have to admit it is very expensive for a pirated DVD.

I have finished playing The Walking Dead last night

The Walking Dead Episode 5

Okay, let's talk about the game. The first time I played it, the graphic didn't amuse me not because it run in low end machine (AMD Dual-Core Processor E-300 1.3 GHz, AMD Radeon HD 6310, RAM 2GB). It is because the graphic is adapted from its original comic, so never expect it looks like real.
You play Lee's role in this game to the end. He was dragged to be a murderer, but he is kind, though. In the police car, he is headed up to be jailed, but accidentally police man who drives the car hit man who tries to across the road. The car then falls down along the hill. There the story begins, the police man turns to be a zombie, and Lee has to shoot him in the head.
I personally don't really love this game because it's like a drama. You make up the story according the way you speak (you are given option to choose dialogue). The good part is when have finished one episode, you will be informed your manner like honesty, savior, and others. Along the story, you have to look after Clementine whose parents have transformed to be zombie too.
In the end of the story, you must die because you have been bitten when you were looking for Clementine who was kidnapped by random guy who always spoke with Clementine via walkie-talkie. You told Clementine to shot you in the head and finally the story ends. I don't know how people cannot love this game.

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