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I Hate Skype

By Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita
If you don't know what Skype is, you are living under a rock. Google it people. It's just talking via your computer, with a webcam. That's the bad part.
Here at our house all of our computers are in the 'office'. We have three computers and someone is on one of them at all times around here. I keep the computers in one place so I can kind of keep an eye on who is doing what on the computers.
Not too long ago my kids asked for a Skype account. I told them sure, if they would buy the webcam. And they did. So we hooked it up and set up accounts for the family. Everyone was happy. :) I always try to stay out of the office if someone is 'skyping' so I am not in view. When I am home I like to throw on my sweats and take off my makeup and relax. I figure no one is going to see me right? Wrong.
After awhile you get used to listening to the kids' skyping and it becomes routine. I figure it must be like one of those reality shows. You know, they are so used to the cameras being on that they forget they are being watched and end up showing their 'true' colors. I would catch myself starting to walk into the office and realize someone is skyping and I don't want them to see me with my PJ's still on so I back it up and head back to the family room till it's safe again.
Then one day it happened. I was on my computer and one of my kids was skyping a girlfriend. I was trying to keep my back to the webcam. Then I hear another unfamiliar voice. Naturally I turn around to see who my son is talking too and realize it's the girl's grandmother! She wanted to meet Thing 2 via Skype. So as I turn around to see who he is talking to, she notices me and says, "Well hello there mom!" I almost D-I-E-D! No makeup on and still in my PJ's, not to mention my hair looked like I had just crawled out of bed. So I just said, "Hey there Granny! So nice to meet you!" I waved good-bye like I had somewhere to go (like maybe the shower) and headed out of the office. I then hear my son tell his friend, "Wow. That was awkward." And she agreed.
I HATE Skype.

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