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I Hate Being Questioned Every Now and Then!

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge
We all come across these situations every now and then. As we grow older, we are constantly asked questions which haunt us till eternity. Some questions we like, some we don't. Well on a personal note, I would be lisiting top 10 questions, which I hate being asked.

questions I hate being asked by people

Top 10 questions I hate being asked

1) How much is your salary?
Pados wali aunty ko apne bete ki parwah ho na ho, they want me to tell her my salary! I guess this happens with most pf us. Well earlier I used to crib about it and got angry, but after I realized that I unnecessarily raise my blood pressure, I stopped. It will ultimately give me heart attack. I decided to save myself. Now whenever anyone asks my salary, I simply counter them with this: 2 Crores ka package hai, you want a loan? Try it. Seriously, people will stop asking you these questions again ever in life.
2)  When are you going to get married?
This one is the traditional one. I mean what the person asking exactly means. I am not able to understand this till now. Once an uncle asked this question in a function. I said "I am not able to find a girl, I want to marry your daughter." That day and today, no one asks me this question. My question to these people is "Why are you so concerned about me when your own children are sitting at home unmarried?"
3) What you will do in future?
This I know everyone has to face. Most importantly this question is asked by our parents. Earlier I used to say that will see, will do anything. This sounds vague, isn't it? But today also I say the same thing but a little differently. I say "Let me do this, will see what happens in future!" I am not at all afraid of fear of failure nor I would be too much happy with success but still I hate being asked this question. Live in present guys, future kisne dekha hai? (live in present guys, who has seen the future?)
4) What's your age?
This question I both hate and love. I hate it when I step in a bar and the bartender asks for an age proof that I am above the prescribed age limit but I secretly love it because I feel younger ;). I also hate it when this question is asked after clubbing it with question of my marriage.
5) What are you doing here?
This is something most obvious thing but still we ask (I used to ask this as well but quite long ago :P). If a person is at a movie theater, obviously he will watch a movie. If he is in a restaurant, he is there for eating food or perhaps drinking as well.
6) When an interviewer keeps asking this and that totally unrelated to job
This happened with me when I was giving interview for internship. The interviewer kept asking me several questions which were totally unrelated. At the end he said "I am unimpressed!" I was like irritated with this guy. He said, "You should know this, you should know that". I simply stood quiet for sometime and revolted back, "If I need to know all this stuff, I wouldn't we working under you, but would be standing beside you." That guy literally fell from the chair. I got a call from my placement center and they told me that the guy has asked them not to allow me to sit for internships as this guy gives open challenges. Now I would like to ask here to all, "Did I say something wrong to him? If his ego was hurt and he couldn't find an answer to my simple question, what was my fault?" Though I worked as an intern in far more better company than that but still I hate being asked stupid questions rather than relevant ones. 
7)  Why don't you have a girlfriend?
Well I am an alien who likes a girl from my own planet but not from earth. C'mon, I don't like being tied up in so called girlfriend, boyfriend game. I am a somewhat isolated personality who likes to be alone and enjoy some solace in life. On a serious note, I also watch movies alone, drink beer alone, sometimes, I go alone on weekends to enjoy my time alone. I enjoy it completely. I don't need any girlfriend to stalk on me entire time!
8)  See that girl over there? Why don't you go and talk to her?
This is sometimes prank played on you by your friends. A friend of yours like that girl and is afraid to ask so he asks you to approach the girl and ask for her number. Second scenario could be that they might ask you to approach her because they pity you for not having a girl in your life. Well what they are trying to prove over here I don't understand! Sigh.
9)  What will happen with whatever you are doing? (Related to your new business/career idea)
I don't understand the concept behind this question. Before even I started doing, people start putting a huge wall of questions around me. Earlier I used to step back and tear of my business plans, new ideas but now I simply store them. I discuss with people but my reply to such a question is now, "You see, something I will surely do of this."
10) A person calling me on phone and asking, "Who's on the line?"
Earlier this question annoyed me, now I laugh at it. Earlier I used to reply to this question by angry remarks "You have called, don't you know me?"  Now I say, "You don't know me, right? Do one thing. Pick up yellow pages and find out my name and then call me back, okay? Thanks." :D
Well this is my list of top 10 questions I hate being asked, what's yours?

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