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I Got You – Introducing Olivia Lunny from CTV’s The Launch

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein
I Got You – Introducing Olivia Lunny from CTV’s The Launch

Winnipeg's Olivia Lunny came to Toronto, auditioned in front of industry heavyweights, earned her way to the final two, and at the end of The Launch 's fourth episode this season, she became the chosen artist.

We caught up with the up-and-coming pop singer in Toronto on Thursday to talk about her episode, the song, and her career moving forward. While we were there, we learned a lot more about Olivia than we already knew, and we took the chance to play a round of 5 Quick Questions!

Olivia told us about the experience of watching the episode on Wednesday night, and of seeing herself on the screen after living through the recording. She said that it was interesting to see everything from another angle. And that is was special being able to see her reaction after Scott told her that she had been chosen. She knew and remembered what she had felt in the moment, but being able to see it was unique.

When we asked Olivia when she felt like I Got You was hers, she told us that it really felt like it with her live performance on Your Morning. She told us that she'd listened to the song a ton since the recording and final mix, but it was the chance to play it live with a band for the first time since the show that really cemented it. It's a question that we've asked every winner from the season so far, but Olivia's answer was the latest in the process. It was interesting to hear, and but more than anything, we're happy that she feels it.

She also said that I Got You is a great fit as the start of where she wants to go with her music and her career. This is a direction that she's excited to travel in as she writes more of her own music and evolves.

As we chatted, we took a second to geek out a little and ask about Olivia's experience with Jann Arden. She told us that what we saw on TV was exactly what it was like in real life. Her support and encouragement were tangible and important. Olivia added that Arden told her that hearing her sing and hearing her music reminded her of her own early career. And if you love early Jann Arden as much as we do, you know how big of a compliment that is.

The experience of The Launch, and working with people like Jann Arden, Scott Borchetta, Marie-Mae and the song's producer Shaun Frank is a big one for the artists on the show. And Olivia told us that it's an experience that she'll be able to take with her into the future. She learned from the pros in her short time recording and performing I Got You, and knows that this is something that she'll always have.

While we were with Olivia in Toronto, we did get her to play a round of 5 Quick Questions. Hit play to learn which album she listens to on the road, her dream duet partner, and more.

Many thanks to Olivia Lunny for taking the time to chat with us. Before we left we asked if there was anything else that she wanted to share, and she told us that right now it's all about I Got You. But, stay tuned because this is just the beginning and we'll be hearing more from Olivia!

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