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I, Flemming

By Flemmingbo

flemmingbojensen-self-portrait You will have to excuse the pompous title, I could not resist. Inspired by a comment from Frank Ettenberg I shall post a couple of portraits of yours truly from my life on Mark’s boat Polaris in Fremantle. Stills feels awkward to post about just myself but in the spirit of chasing Firsts, here goes. Featured on the right is a self-portrait.

The self-portrait was captured on the boat one evening in gorgeous soft dusk light and a small reflector. I felt like practicing portrait shooting and processing and light setting but had only myself as model. I’m not sure it really looks like me, but it was fun to do. It is quite amazing how much light and zoom lens compression can affect a face. There’s no processing on this apart from black and white conversion and contrast. Light sources are dusk light with a reflector and a black cloth background.

My androgynous shapeshifter look makes me appear quite different in every shot. So different that one girl at a backpackers thought I was two different people travelling together, that was terribly funny I thought. I am positive I have not been cloned yet though. Of course, I could be a clone myself, one would never know.

On one of her visits to the boat, my dear friend Charlene Winfred captured a whole great and fun image series of me and my life on the boat. Here is a few:



Big smile, gotta love pretending to be a captain! There were plans to get a captain’s hat, but unsuccessful.


Charlene sent me this, the day after she shot the images. Living on a boat during a Fremantle Summer is awesomeness.

Flemming Bo Jensen - Life on Polaris

Thanks Charlene and thanks so much Mark

(I dislike very much any self promotion, so next blog post will feature something not-me)

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